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About Whack A Mole

Owner Kyle has taken his passion for nurturing and managing people’s landscapes and combined it with his notable skill set of dealing with moles, that take heavy tolls on his customers’ home and garden investment.

This perfect combination of services was based on a long and frustrating (and ultimately unproductive) search for an excellent Mole control service. Kyle learned to get rid of Moles so well that he began to help other local gardeners eliminate their moles from lawns and landscapes too.

Today, Kyle and his team trap and remove Moles, preserve trees and gardens, and help Portland residential and commercial clients preserve their properties as well as schools, cemeteries, vineyards, and public parks throughout the Area.

SERVING Portland and Neighbouring Area:

One of the most destructive animal pests that we deal with is the mole. Moles are eating machines that are designed to eat hundreds of worms and can dig tunnels at amazing speeds.

Moles eat earthworms primarily and also insect larvae, and in doing so, do considerable damage to lawns. The damage is usually tunnels or mounds in your lawn that can be unsightly, disturb root systems, and cause grass or other landscaping to die.

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Risk free trapping service. no contracts. no hidden fees. Sliding scale pay structure for each mole trapped. as long as there is activity on the property, we stay until they’re all caught. if the moles move to another property, or go inactive for 2 weeks, we pull the traps. from the day we pull the traps, you have 30 days to keep your place on the pay scale. after 30 days the account starts over with a $25 discount on the 1st and 2nd mole. this discount also includes return customers each year.

First Mole: $250
Second Mole: $125
Third Mole: $75
Fourth +: $50

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We’ve worked with Kyle for three years now and have had nothing but great experiences. Kyle is professional, punctual and knowledgeable. He always goes above and beyond for us, we are lucky to work with him
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Owning 5 acres I would always have issues with moles. At first I would try it my self. I spend tons of money and got very little results. I tired all sorts of stuff they sell at the stores and realized I need someone who knows what they are doing. I reached out to Kyle. He was able to come quickly and get all the traps set up using his own equipment and techniques. First year he got 4 moles and this year of 2021 he got 6 more. I am so happy he reached out to him!!! I would recommend to everyone who has moles to catch. The sooner you hire him the sooner they will be gone. He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing.

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Maria Davis

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11259 SW St. Moritz Loop #305
Wilsonville OR 97070
Phone: 503-270-7279
Email: wamtrapping@gmail.com
08:00am to 08:00pm

Email or Text: 24/7

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